How to answer “Tell me about yourself”

This is one of the first and foremost question that the interviewer ask. Here we are mentioning some of the key points that you used to keep ready for answering this question.
About self introduction
1. Start your introduction with Hi/Hello/Good morning/.
2. Tell your Name.
3. Tell about your higher educational qualication first and and say about schooling.
4. Tell about your Key Skills and expertise in the relevant Technology/domain.
5. Explain about your strength in a line .
6. Explain about your weakness, In such a way that, it should reflect as positive.
7. Explain about your achievements,Awards, Presentations and accomplishments.
8. Explain about your interest and passion.
9. When explanining about your project to the maximum extend using business or technical terms.
10. Explain the reason why you applied for this job and how you fit for this position.

Other things you need to keep in mind are
1. Making the right amount of eye contact in an interview.
2. Never look down at your shoes or focusing on the table.
3. Make eye contact but avoid a sudden change in eye contact.
4. If your eyes in an interview are fidgety or continuously shifting back and forth, this can mean you are trying to conjure up an answer.
5. While waiting, don’t hunch your shoulders or tuck your chin into your chest.
6. When you are going to be shaking with your right hand, so prepare by arranging your belongings on your left side.
7. At the interview desk put your other belongings on the floor beside you.
8. Avoid leaning forward, which makes you appear closed off.
9. At the end of the interview, gather your belongings calmly, rise smoothly, smile and nod your head.
10. Shake hands with the hiring manager and the person who brought you to the interview space.

Good morning Sir,
I am Rajeshwari from Bangalore.
To tell about my Educational Qualification, I done my Bachelor of Engineering from Bangalore University.
I did my schooling and +2 From Bharathi Hight School
My strength are patience.
My weakness is i cant reject any one who is asking for any help
My role-model is my father.
About my self I am fearless person. Always I am trying to learn new things and I used to write technology blogs on latest trends.
I don’t like to waste the time.
That’s all about me.
Thanks for giving this wonderful opportunity.

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