Informatica Interview Questions – Part – 2

1. What is meant by direct and indirect loading options in sessions?
Direct loading can be used to single transformation where as indirect transformation can be used to multiple transformations or files.
In the direct we can perform recovery process but in indirect we cant do it .

2. What is predefined event?
It is a file-watch event. It waits for a specific file to arrive at a specific location.

3. What do you mean Incremental Aggregation?
Option for incremental aggregation is enabled whenever a session is created for a mapping aggregate. Power center performs incremental aggregation through the mapping and historical cache data to perform new aggregation calculations incrementally.

4. Explain sessions. Explain how batches are used to combine executions?
A teaching set that needs to be implemented to convert data from a source to a target is called a session. Session can be carried out using the session’s manager or pmcmd command. Batch execution can be used to combine sessions executions either in serial manner or in a parallel. Batches can have different sessions carrying forward in a parallel or serial manner.

5. Which all databases powercenter server on windows can connect to?
PowerCenter Server on Windows can connect to following databases:
Microsoft Access
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft SQL Server

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