Informatica Interview Questions – Part – 4

1. While importing the relational source definition from database, what are the metadata of source you import?
Source name
Database location
Column names
Data types
Key constraints

2. What is the use of transformation?
Transformation is being done on the repository that is being stored in the object and it allows the synchronization to be maintained.
Transformation allows the modification and generation of the data from one source to another source.
It allows the passing of the data from one source to another source using the scripts and the functions.
The designer used in Informatica provides with the set of transformation rules that allow the process to be processed.
It transforms the group of data together so as to provide a pool of data from where things can be easily taken.

3. Where can we find the throughput option in informatica?
Throughput option can be found in informatica in workflow monitor. In workflow monitor, right click on session, then click on get run properties and under source/target statistics we can find throughput option.

4. What is Joiner transformation?
Joiner transformation combines two affiliated heterogeneous sources living in different locations while a source qualifier transformation can combine data emerging from a common source.

5. What is the benefit of partitioning a session?
Partitioning a session means solo implementation sequences within the session. It’s main purpose is to improve server’s operation and efficiency. Other transformations including extractions and other outputs of single partitions are carried out in parallel.

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