Informatica Interview Questions – Part – 5

1. Why we use stored procedure transformation?
For populating and maintaining data bases.

2. What is aggregate cache in aggregator transformation?
The aggregator stores data in the aggregate cache until it completes aggregate calculations. When we run a session that uses an aggregator transformation, the informatica server creates an index and data caches in the memory to process the transformation. If the informatica server requires more space, it stores overflow values in cache files.

3. What is the mapplet in informatica ?
In Informatica Mapplet is a set of transformations that you build in the mapplet designer and you can use in multiple mappings.

4.What are the different types of OLAP? Give an example?

5. Briefly describe lookup transformation?
Lookup transformations are those transformations which have admission right to RDBMS based data set. The server makes the access faster by using the lookup tables to look at explicit table data or the database. Concluding data is achieved by matching the look up condition for all look up ports delivered during transformations.

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