Java Script Interview Question and Answer

81. Explain the role of deferred scripts in JavaScript?
By default, the parsing of the HTML code, during page loading, is paused until the script has not stopped executing. It means, if the server is slow or the script is particularly heavy, then the webpage is displayed with a delay. While using Deferred, scripts delays execution of the script till the time HTML parser is running. This reduces the loading time of web pages and they get displayed faster.

82. Why it is not advised to use innerHTML in JavaScript?
innerHTML content is refreshed every time and thus is slower. There is no scope for validation in innerHTML and, therefore, it is easier to insert rouge code in the document and, thus, make the web page unstable.

83. Which built-in method calls a function for each element in the array?
forEach() method calls a function for each element in the array.

84. How can the OS of the client machine be detected?
The navigator.appVersion string can be used to detect the operating system on the client machine.

85. Explain window.onload and onDocumentReady?
The onload function is not run until all the information on the page is loaded. This leads to a substantial delay before any code is executed.
onDocumentReady loads the code just after the DOM is loaded. This allows early manipulation of the code.

86. What are the different types of errors in JavaScript?
Load time errors: Errors which come up when loading a web page like improper syntax errors are known as Load time errors and it generates the errors dynamically.
Run time errors: Errors that come due to misuse of the command inside the HTML language.
Logical Errors: These are the errors that occur due to the bad logic performed on a function which is having different operation.

87. Which keyword is used to print the text in the screen?
document.write(“Welcome”) is used to print the text – Welcome in the screen.

88. Explain the for-in loop?
The for-in loop is used to loop through the properties of an object.

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